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Some really Great Riding west of Bandera

Jack Hall and Kelly Williams had a great time and some really great seat time out west of Bandera Texas. They went down and stayed 2 nights in Bandera androde some wonderful roads west of there - as you can see on the maps at the bottom of the this page.

Jack being a hard ass rode his Honda all the way down but Kelly trailered his Harley. They stayed in a motel in Bandera for 2 nights and rode out from there.
As you can see by the maps they cover a lot of ground. Kelly had ridden thesebyways before but it was the first time for Jack - Jack's comment was this was some of best seat time he's had in a long time.

After they got to Bandera they saddled up and went to Kerrville for some food. They rode up 16 to Kerrville and came back on 173 - Jack said that that hwy 16 has more curves
than Pamela Anderson - he said on one curve his front tire was kissing his rear tire. All in all and exciting ride and not for the timid.

They spent the night dreaming of Hwy 16 and Pamela Anderson!! Next morn it was time for the ride out west.

Jack said the whole route had great scenery and wild roads that cry out for a motorcycle to bust their chops. After looking at their trip map I would have to say hwy 336 that follows the
West Frio River had be some wild ridding.

Kelly has been down there riding the area roads before and has the routes memorized -
Jack said we didn't have to use a map Kelly had it wired.

This trip took 3 days - day 1 for ride down - next day riding out west - 3rd day for the ride back.
Kelly said there is  some good riding down southwest of Bandera so you could make it a 4 day trip.

They started back early in the morn on the 3rd day - Jack said he had wipe frost off his seat before they left.

I vote to go next time - Wayne


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