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Cow Catcher road / P4 Inks Lake run

This is a fun run that takes about 6 hours if you stop for lunch

Come out of Sun City and go north about 2 miles to
L on 3405 about 7 miles to
(side trip about 4 or 5 miles down 3405 turn left at 256 which has neat curves and low
 water crossings which dumps u out on 183 south of 1869 so turn right on 183 2 miles to 1869)
L on 183 2 miles to
R on 1869 9 miles through Liberty Hill to
L on 1174 3 miles to
L on 328 which is Cow Creek road - cow catcher  about 5 miles
(this is a very curvy road with a lot of low water crossings and about 7 cow catchers  -
that's why I call it jokingly "cow catcher road" this a low speed curvy ride -
and great scenery - see photos below)
[ at 1431 you could turn left and go to Jonestown and eat at True Grits - for very twisty ride
go on over to Lime creek road - it's road with some very sharp turns and fun to ride]
R on 1431 about 15 miles to Marble Falls
[in Marble Falls you can eat at Blue Bonnet cafe - go south on 281 about 1 mile]
Go north on 281 to State park P4 Road and turn left - see picture below
L on P4 about 7 miles to Inks lake
L on 29 about mile
R on 690 and follow it around to 2341 back to 29
L on 29 to Burnet - through Bertram to Liberty Hill
L on 1869 back to 183
L on 183 2 miles
R on 3405
R on 2338 to Sun city

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views along Cow Creek Road

view along P4 road - click on thumbnail image to view a larger photo

Wayne Ware and Jack Hall

Inks Lake off P4

castle on P4

Mark Atkins & Jim Ruff
at True Grits in Jonestown

Inks Lake off P4

Dee wells


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