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Here's a fun Ride
(with lunch at the True Grits Cafe in Jonestown)

ast week Bob Klark, Jim Roupe, and myself, (Wayne Ware) had a great riding day.
We started out at the Pavilion 9:30AM  - it was clear and a 5 MPH wind out of the south and as we left Sun City a mass of clouds came rolling in - Dam - but they where gone 20 mins.
later - thanks to the motorcycle demigods.

We peeled off onto 328 from 3405 - 328 is a fun ride with low water crossing and some nice curvy parts.

The temperature was a nice mid 50s and just right for a good jacket. We cruised down 1829 to Cow Creek Rd, 328 (which I like to call Cow Catcher Road because there are about 10 cow catchers along the way because of it's open range). This a great little road - with low water crossing and some nice curvy parts but slow down for the Cow Catchers. This road has some great views of Cow Creek which has many mini canyons and rocky creek beds. I should go down and spend more time taking photos. See photos

Cow Creek Rd. will dead end in to 1431 - this a great road in it's self - going from Cedar Park to Marble Falls with high speed curves and some good scenery.

We passed Jonestown and peeled off on to Lime Creek Rd (this is a little tricky in that once you turn right on to Lime Creek rd. you have to turn right again to follow the road). Now
Lime Creek rd. is a road with lot of 20 MPH switch backs and great FUN. If you take the curves hard enough you'll see sparks off your foot pegs. Just remember to stay in your
lane because they are blind curves and their is some traffic coming the other direction.
This is a great road with lots of curves and views of lake Travis but you may keepyour eyes on the road. 

Bob showed us some new roads to get back over on to 1869 (see trip ticket). If you need to get back sooner you can follow 282 to 1869 and back to 183 but we took the long way
through Bertram on 243.  Now Bob took 138 off 183 to the back side of Sun City but you can also go down 183 to 971 to 2338 to the front side of Sun City.

This was a good ride with some great seat time - with lunch it took about 6 hours.

I'm ready to go any time - but I would like to spend more time on Cow Creek - it's very photogenic!!


views along Cow Creek Road,  click on thumbnail for enlarged view


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