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D’Artagnan Rides Again

By Mark Atkinson 11-10-05
Thursday’s weather was perfect for a quick ride to the Waco Harley dealer for a T-shirt.
Dee Wells, our retired trooper from Oklahoma wanted to send a fellow retired trooper from southern California a T-shirt with a picture of the lawman’s tin star on it. Apparently only the Waco dealer has a few as they tie into the Texas Ranger museum.
 It made perfectly good sense to Jack Hall and me so we decided to tag along. We stopped in Salado for a cup of coffee and I got us lost on Main Street looking for a Coffee Shop. Little did I know that was going to be a sign for the day?
After a short stop, we rode in the passing lane with the traffic all the way up Waco. Doing that once a day is enough, so after our visit to the Harley shop, and a near bike purchase, we asked one of the salesmen at the dealership “what his favorite road south was?”
When the day was done, I was thinkin’ “He’s a fairly dull guy.”
I volunteered to lead the first part of the journey because at my age my memory doesn’t last to the second or third part of any journey. We headed northwest out of Waco on Highway 6 which is part of the Texas Brazos Trail that took us out by Lake Waco to Hwy. 185 and where we turned south on down to Crawford where we stopped for lunch.
The president was in Washington so to say there was “not much going on in Crawford” would be an understatement.
We did meet a guy who had just moved there from California (why?) to start a business building fiberglass street rod bodies.
At this point it was Dee’s turn to lead as we continued down 185 to Osage, then 929 on over to Gatesville.
From Gatesville south it was Jack’s turn to lead us along the west side the Fort Hood Military Reservation, we rode on Hwy. 116 southbound through Pidcoke to Copperas Cove where we picked up 190 over to Killeen.
The day was getting late so we used Highway 195 to bring us back to Florence and the “Back Door” of Sun City.
About 200 miles and about 7 hours bummin’ around in the farmlands of central Texas, stopping to double check maps, and try to make decisions where we were.
All in all, it was nice day on the scoots with the Three Musketeers.
“All for one…and one for all.” no matter how lost we get.



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