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 a road trip to Killeen and lunch

Rohi and Beverly thought today would be a good "ride" day, so their 0900 message (by way of Wayne's addressees) got a few of us out of bed and into the bright sunny daylight.

1100 hours, 6 riders (5 cycles) which had congregated at the pavilion were at the ready:
Fuel tanks full
Bladders empty
Warmly attired
Engines tuned & warmed - ready for the challenge
Headlights at high beam
Bar lights illuminated
Side stands in up/spring-loaded position
Clutches disengaged
Transmissions in gear
Brakes engaged

Wayne Ware lead the charge with the putt putt of his Honda Horace Gonzalez's bike roared next, in close, the Harley muffler DIDN'T fall pay extra for that sound Rohi and Beverly Emran's full dress Kawasaki came alive Tony Hein, astride his shiny black Honda, was a picture perfect biker - do do rag and all, leathers and helmet of black and I reluctantly took up my position - the rear end - the sound of my Honda being drowned out by a passing electric golf cart

Bypassing the municipalities of Andice and Florence we passed by Ratliff and Lowler. At Cedar Valley we turned onto (would you believe) Cedar Valley Road. After Crows Ranch Road it was onto Eagle Nest Road. At the highest point on Eagle Nest Road when looking down there's a beautiful view of Stillhouse Hollow Lake down in the holler. From there it was across the dam where we gathered our forces to try to figure out how we could top a ride as good as this.

After considering phone messages that had been received since departure, time of day (lunch time), hunger pains, remaining fuel, bladder conditions, etc, we headed for Kay's Motorcycle Mania in Nolanville (highway 190).

After our time at Kay's, Tony bid the rest of us a dew, and left the group for home - a previous engagement...

Then 'twas on to lunch at Buffalo Wings on the east edge of Killeen on 190. Beverly and Rohi knew the owner of the establishment and they introduced us all. Very nice restaurant and good food.

Fuel stop was next, then we ran our checklist again"
Fuel tanks OK
Tummies FINE
Restrooms vacated

Back on the road again - where Wayne tried once more to get us all lost. We had let him lead 'cause he was the only one with a map!

Home again about 1500 hours. Four hours of fun and excellent riding - 100 or more miles. GREAT!!!

Thanks to Beverly & Rohi for getting this ride going.

Watch for loose gravel both on the road and on parking areas

Keep headlight on high beam & bar lights on during daylight hours - others can see you much better

Check turn indicators - mine don't automatically turn off - this can endanger you and all the riders of your group, especially if an oncoming vehicle thinks you'll turn left & they want to turn left

If you aren't familiar with the rider ahead of you leave some extra spacing

When riders stagger their formation, lead can better tell where riders are...if lead should slow a bit to let rear end catch up...if lead should speed up a bit because the group has bunched up too much

Jack Hall


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