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Road trip to Gatesville

We had a great ride Day - the weather was clear and it hit 85 - wow 85 in late Feb - it makes u glad we live in Georgetown :o}.

We had 6 bikes in the group - left the pavilion at 10:00 with the temperature all ready trying to hit 60.  We headed up Williams drive to Andice and turned right to hit 223 which is the back way to get up to 183 close to Briggs - from there we headed north on 183 to 963 which a great road - lots of twist and turns as it  follows Rocks Creek (which dumps into the Lampasas River). 
Just as we came into Oakalla I missed the left turn to 223 (the dam sign is right across from the road - no dam warring). As we headed north on 223 it follows along the Lampasas River
which makes for more  twist and turns ( some great seat time).  As we hit 190 we turned right about 2 miles to 2313 which is a nice smooth ride about 7 miles - down the road we came
to 580 (you'll need turn right - u want 580 East). 580 runs east by North East and runs in to 116 and on up to 84. We stopped for gas on 84 at Gatesville (odometer at 88). after refueling we stop at 84 and 36 for lunch. As u will note - the map and trip ticket say to go back to 116 to Coppers Cove but the guys wanted to go back to Copper Cove on the road that goes through the fort (Fort Hood) - I wouldn't go that way unless you are familiar with the fort roads (you'll get lost).
After getting back to Copper Cove we headed down 2657 - a high speed run to Briggs. At Briggs we hit 183 and again a high speed run down to 3405 and on over to 2338.
You can also cut off 183 on 138 to Florence to 190 and go in the back way to Sun City.
You can also cut over to 2338 at 970 through Andice to Sun City. I just like 3405 so we went that way - as I said a GREAT DAY.


R-970 1 to 2 miles
L/S 223 (S=straight) 
R-183 through Briggs  6.4 miles
R-963 at Watson Com to Oakalla
turn left as soon as you see the sign just as u come into Oakalla
L-223 through to 3170
R-190 to Kemper 1 to 2 miles
L-2313 to 580
R-580 (go 580 East) about 15 miles
S/L on 116 to R- 84 Gatesville to 36 for lunch - the restaurant is at the intersection of 84 and 36
back on 84 to 116 to Copperas Cove
L-at 1113 at light to 190
R-190 about 3 miles to 2657
L-2657 to 183
L-183 to 3405
L- 3405 then Right at 2338 to home

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so it's 2 maps Bottom and Top

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