The Sun City Texas Motorcycle club's mission is to have a friendly and safe environment for Sun City residents to enjoy riding motorcycles and socializing.

HAVE A MOTORCYCLE or SCOOTER OR  DREAM OF HAVING ONE?  join the Sun City Cruisers, our very own motorcycle group for fellowship, story swapping, discussions on bikes and accessories and planning for rides.  We have group rides around the area and also longer trips like rides to Big Bend park and some all the way to Canada. All riders are welcome!  If you have any questions you can call Russ Miller (512) 863-9692 or Wayne Ware (512)-863-2202

Motorcycle Safety

here's a some good sites

    Guerrilla - Urban Motorcycle riding tips

    see 126 good safety tips - great stuff

Motorcycle Accident Study


The Jamaican government did a study with tax dollars to see why there are so many
deadly motorcycle accidents in Jamaica think you'd be surprised at the results.

Can you spot the reason for so many motorcycle accidents - look close

Did you catch it?   ----  Nobody is wearing a HELMET