The Sun City Texas Motorcycle club's mission is to have a friendly and safe environment for Sun City residents to enjoy riding motorcycles and socializing.


Come and ride with the Sun City Cruisers, our very own motorcycle group for fellowship, story swapping, discussions on bikes and accessories and planning for rides.  We have group rides around the area and also longer trips like rides to Big Bend and some all the way to Canada. All riders are welcome!  If you have any questions you can call Wayne Ware (512)-863-2202 or e-mail

here's some photos of our group

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The tradition of passing on the prize-plate to anyone who has done something for the club, etc.  Kind of a nice bit of recognition.  The recipient's name is put on it and it stays with them until someone else 'wins' it.  Thanks to Tom Kretzinger and Mona Ravin for starting this tradition.

This is our first Christmas party where Tommy had been presented the "prize" by Jack Hall, it's first recipient.

  Tommy passing the "prize" along to Karl and Mary Ellen Fiedler at the 2004 Christmas party at the Fiedler's house.

  Jack Hall
has passed the infamous plate to Wayne Ware at the importune meeting at the Video Shoot in front of the CA office 9-11-06 


The infamous plate click
pic to see names


Enjoying camaraderie before taking off into the countryside.  From left: Jack Hall (with back to camera wearing an official "Ride On" shirt), Jim Thompson, Jack Els, and Bob Fredericksen.

"Sun City Cruisers" preparing to embark on a ride out into the beautiful Texas Hill Country on this bright fall day.  From left: Jack Hall, Jim Thompson, Jack Els, Bob Fredericksen, Ruth Fredericksen, Russ Miller (Certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation Instructor), Mona Ravin, Tom Kretzinger, Jack Messbarger, Dee Wells, and Rex Jameson.

Dan Shirley’s three-wheeler

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Wayne Ware's Honda
2000 1100CC Sabre



Gerald Marshall &
his Ducati 600

Ken Fallwell's
1996 BMW

Jack Hall on his
03 Honda VTX

Craig Boegler 02
Honda Goldwing

Mona Ravin 1991
Yamaha Virago

Tom Kretzinger
04 Buell

Russ Miller 05
Honda Goldwing

Tony Hein Honda
1100CC Sabre Shadow

Dee Wells 2003 Harley-Davidson FXD (Dyna Superglide), 100th Anniversary Model

at Stillhouse Hollow Lake 10-14-05

a run for burgers

Bartlett hamburger run by
cruisers, fall, 2004

Craig & Judy Boegler, Grapevine, Texas in Flag shirts. Joan Miller extreme right.

Horace Gonzalez and his 2004 H-D FXD Dyna Superglide at Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Jack and Wayne
on State Parks road P4

Ride in Dec 2005

Dec 2005

Jack & Jim Ruff Dec 05
in cold weather gear
(Jack is auditioning to be one of those Village People singers)

Hank Vanryn Dec 05
do they have any Tofu

left - Mark Atkinson
& right - Jim Ruff
Dec 05

Fall 05 on Cow Creek rd

off Cow Creek rd

Inks Lake off P4

Rohi and Beverly Emran

early Sun City riders

Gerald Marshall

6-3-06 pic by Dee Wells
Wayne Ware, Dean Holmes, Bob Klark - in Sandoval - the Zion Lutheran Church

photo shoot
see more pictures of the photo shoot 5-10-06
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Video Shoot 9-11-06

Video Shoot 9-11-06
see more pictures of the Video Shoot 9-11-06 
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Australian visitors
Garry & Margo Saunders

Members of the
Ulysses Culb

Cycle Club off to Poncho and Lefty's for the meeting

Poncho and Lefty's

Over view rest stop at Inks Lake
2-7-07 LtoR Jim, Dee & Wayne

             Gerald Marshall's & Mark Atkinson's RACE TEAM

Mark Atkinson's 1996
Yamaha Royal Star

Mark Atkinson rides this beautiful 1996 Yamaha Royal Star and brought it to Sun City in Oct. of 2003.  Mark is from Eau Claire, WI where he retired from the newspaper and television production industry.  He began riding at the age of 56 and bought the Royal Star as much for its artistic representation as for its size and power.  He and his bike have seen much of the Midwest and Southwest.  Pictures of some of his motorcycle adventures are available at



Here’s some interesting how to ride videos

a video on group riding

Video on how to pick up a fallen bike

and another Video on how to pick up a fallen bike


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