The Sun City Texas Motorcycle club's mission is to have a friendly and safe environment for Sun City residents to enjoy riding motorcycles and socializing.


Come and ride with the Sun City Cruisers, our very own motorcycle group for fellowship, story swapping, discussions on bikes and accessories and planning for rides.  We have group rides around the area and also longer trips like rides to Big Bend and some all the way to Canada. All riders are welcome!  If you have any questions you can call Wayne Ware (512)-863-2202 or e-mail

Road Trips - maps and trip tickets

by Wayne Ware

5 hours of fun with lunch in Bush's Crawford

By Mark Atkinson  11-10-05


a great day with great riders - 4 hours

By a funny guy "Jack Hall"  11-17-05

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here are some trip maps by Mark Atkinson
(we'll be add info as we re-ride the trails and add more comments as good weather permits)

(these maps can be up to 2 megs in size so give them a chance to load)

Map #1 - DOC format and PDF format

Half the ride is through curvy two lane and the Hill Country Trail of four lane curvy ups and downs ( Known as the “Nameless Ride).  The other half is up in the farm lands and Prairie country.  There is a wonderful wild life reserve up on 1147 that is a nice place to stretch you legs.  There is also a good restaurant in Jonestown.


Map #2 - DOC format and PDF format

The “Cow Creek/Nameless” Loop…
Tested by several members of the club to be between  97 to 110 miles and 2.5 to 3 hrs of seat time.  Scenic and leisurely,
particularly through the Cow Creek Area.  Good break Rectangular Callout: Sun City
 Jonestown at True Gritts BBQ on the south side of 1431.     


Map #3 - DOC format and PDF format

Get thee to Marble Falls and from there enjoy some of the scenery and vistas that give Hill Country its reputation. You’ll pass Shovel Mtn., Round Mtn. Wolf Mtn., Enchanted Rock, Prairie Mtn., and Cedar Mtn. just to name a few. This is a long ride, but well worth it, If you’d like to follow along by car, you are welcome to do so.


Map #4 - DOC format and PDF format

Tommy’s (JUDSON) River Run
A truly scenic ride through the Lampasas River valley and the farmlands around Ding Dong, TX.
One of the better rides I’ve been on.
Tested by Tom Judson, spring of 2004 at 130 miles in approximately 4 hours of seat time.


Map #5 - DOC format and PDF format

Salado Lunch Loop
If you’re looking to put some wind in your face but don’t a lot of time, or just want to do some window shopping, lunch in Salado in a nice relaxing event.

Some older trip maps

trip map # 1 as PDF file Get Adobe Reader

trip map # 1 as pic file

see Mark's trip ticket

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Here’s some interesting how to ride videos

a video on group riding

Video on how to pick up a fallen bike

and another Video on how to pick up a fallen bike

here's an interesting site
The site is designed to help motorcyclists find great roads and routes throughout the world.  Using a combination of Google Maps, GPS, and other technologies motorcyclists can share their favorite routes, create write-ups, include pictures, and include route features and road conditions.  Users can also view, comment on, and rate other user's roads and routes.

Users can share routes either by drawing it directly on an interactive map or uploading their GPS files, which ORJ then draws directly on a map for others to see. 

All of our routes are viewed directly on interactive maps in the browser and can also be downloaded to a GPS device, into Google  Earth, or just printed directly for a tank bag.  No more reading descriptions of a cool route and then trying to decipher where it is on a map! 


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